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Benefits of Membership in the RGVBA

Industry professionals geared to help grow your business

Strength in Numbers

1. Strength in numbers:

When you join the Rio Grande Vallely Builders Association (RGVBA), you receive a full membership in the Texas Association of Builders (TAB) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).


2. Government Affairs

Government Affairs: The RGVBA dedicates resources to tracking the activities and involvment of local policy makers with regards to our industry. We monitor local, state and national regulatory agencies, and develope relationships with elected officials to positively affect the Valley's building industry.

Strength in Numbers

3. Networking Events:

Becoming a RGVBA member opens doors to earn the business of some of the Valley's most active companies in the building industry. We host monthly meetings giving you a chance to network with these companies, as well as annual mixers and events.


4. Marketing Events:

We host exclusive events - like our annual Parade of Homes™. Our members enjoy the benefits of participating in these events to help grow their business.

Strength in Numbers

5. Insurance

Save substantial money on insurance with your membership. From health and supplemental insurance to general liability, your membership will gain you access to insurance programs that are easy to apply for, offer actual savings, and boast a large selection providers.


6. Member Discounts

You can easily cover the cost of your membership by taking advantage of discount programs offered by your local, state and national associations on products and services that you use every day, from insurance to office supplies to General Motors vehicles.

Strength in Numbers

7. Education

We host a multitude of events geared at educating the building insustry on just about everything - from local ordinances, to the benefits of social media, to national regulations, we're here to help keep you in the know.


8. Image:

Membership in the RGVBA demonstrates a business' initiative to be involved. Your membership in our local builders association, as well as the Texas Association of Builders and the National Association of Homebuilders adds credebility to your company.

Strength in Numbers

9. Community:

The RGVBA and its members give back to the community in a variety ways. We bring our members together to help out in local, state, and National charity events.


10. Communication:

Updates to legislation, notices about regulatory agencies, changes to building codes, and countless other valuable announcements are sent to our members via email and social media accounts.

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